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Beyond Bea

Baby Birth Model with Placenta, Membranes & Pelvis

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This is a collaboration item with MamAmour and will be made to order in batches. Delivery will be 8-12 weeks enabling savings from a direct purchase due to customs fees and delivery costs.

This Cloth Pelvis/Newborn Baby Doll/Placenta Model Set is an excellent educational tool for Doulas, Midwives, Student Midwives, Childbirth Educators, and anyone involved in teaching Childbirth.

The newborn baby doll is made with cotton interlock and filled with fiberfill. It comes in three skin tone options: beige, tan, and brown. Please choose from the drop-down menu.

The Placenta is made with custom printed cotton fabric and filled with fiberfill. The amnion and chorion sacs are made with stretchy mesh polyester fabric.

The Pelvis model has 25 small pieces carefully sewn together; each model needs several hours of skilled work to come to life.

Handmade in Canada by MamAmour. This model set is light and soft, making it easily transportable. It comes with a cotton bag for storing.

For maintenance, please hand wash and air dry only.


- Cloth Pelvis Model: 11 inches wide - 8 inches long
- Newborn Baby doll: Approx. 18 inches long - Head circumference: 12 inches
- Placenta: 7 inches wide.
- Cord: 20 inches long


- Cone-shaped head
- Embroidered Suture lines
- Marked Fontanelles
- Snap under chin
- Custom printed cotton Placenta fabric
- Baby side and Maternal side
- Amnion and Chorion membranes
- Includes a cord clamp