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Bereavement Resource Prompts

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Our resource sheets have been created to assist with:

Cuddle cots - an alternative instruction piece to assist with set up and using the cuddle cot. We are aware many health professionals do not receive formal training of how to use them and often the original instructions are missing. Maintaining the cuddle cot appropriately and using it properly will allow families more time with their baby. Inkless prints - a simple guide giving useful ideas to improve taking prints for babies.

Clay imprints with hard clay - Most hospitals within the UK use 4Louis memory box and this explanation gives ideas when using the clay within their memory boxes (or similar). Clay imprints with soft clay* - using a foam like clay this resource gives guidance of how best to take prints. *The soft clay is available within our memory making kit available in our store.

Photographs - regardless of using external photographs or staff within a trust / workplace all staff should have some training to be able to take basic photographs. This doesn’t mean being able to use high spec cameras but it does mean being aware of the things that amount to good quality photographs. As a health professional you may have an opportunity to be part of moments when no one else will and are able to capture this.

Our memory book can also be a useful addition to help with photographs. We recommend our resources can be used as an assistance with training and placed on walls within clinical areas as a prompt. These resources can be sponsored in memory and have your babys’ name placed on the pack (add in notes at checkout).