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Sponsor a Baby - Memorial Baby (8 weeks)

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Our memorial baby dolls are used within our face to face baby loss training. Each baby doll is used to support students and health professionals with their learning.

These baby dolls are made from clay making them less tangible but it enables a visual representative to attendees to support them in their learning and understanding of how a baby may look at different ages/gestations during pregnancy and after birth.

Sponsoring a baby doll allows us to continue our work in providing accessible baby loss training and we recognise the impact seeing a real baby's name on a doll has on attendees of our training days. It's a reminder as to why exactly they are having training and also impacts the way our baby dolls are handled with care, just like real babies.

Our baby dolls can be sponsored as a gift, can be a great way to celebrate your baby's birthday or anniversary.

Every sponsorship of a memorial baby will come with a photograph and certificate as well as an engraving added to our display which will include your chosen name.

Each baby doll is sponsored for 12 months and we will send an email one month prior to the end of your subscription to renew should you wish to do so.