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Beyond Bea Charity

Deluxe Memory Making Kit

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The memory making kits enables families to add additional detail to their clay imprints.The kit can be used to also help facilitate memories for families even when prints may not be able to be taken or following the loss of their baby in craft sessions. The deluxe kit includes:

  • A divided organiser box filled with letters, numbers and symbols.
  • A small rolling pin
  • 3 packs of clay
  • Cutting board for rolling/cutting
  • 5 sets of cutters in various shapes as shown
  • A laminated prompt sheet set for cuddle cot set up, inkless prints, clay prints using soft and hard clay and photographs

The soft clay dries in air and sets as a rubber/foam consistency so will not crack and will not break if dropped. Each pack will make 6-8 prints as pictured and the pack can be re-sealed and useable for up to 12 months. Images show clay colour once set.

These kits will be available to sponsor in memory and can be personalised with your baby(ies) name on them and can be donated to a hospital (sent directly or via yourself).