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Green Spots - Birth Counter

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The birth counter is an easy way to keep track of all the births you've facilitated throughout your Midwifery training and beyond.

All our frames are personalised by hand and as such have a dispatch time of up to 20 working days.

Each frame contains 40 wooden hearts as standard. If you'd like to order more please visit here and add to your basket. You can choose to upgrade these to acrylic hearts and chose from a choice of Rainbow assortment, white, grey, pastel yellow, mint green, lilac, pastel pink pastel blue and pastel purple. You can choose up to 4 colour options. All upgrades will also include 2 x white stars, we encourage the inclusivity of those baby who you may have been present for during their birth who have died, they may not count towards documentation and qualifying but these babies are equally as important.
Please note: the hearts are made of natural wood and therefore the grain and exact colour can slightly vary between hearts. If you would like the choose the option of upgrading to acrylic hearts then please visit HERE
Every frame will come provided with a permanent pen to write onto your hearts.

When selecting the colour writing for the front of the frame, please consider the background print you have selected. Black text will show better on lighter backgrounds and white text will show better on darker backgrounds.

Each purchase of these birth counter will support both Beyond Bea and Judah's Cloud charities.