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Beyond Bea

Memory Making Doll For Hospitals

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Our dolls have been created to enable every hospital to be able to practice memory making activities safely to enable bereaved families to received care that is delivered with improved confidence and experience. 

The dolls enable a realistic replication of bereavement photography, 3D casts, Inkless prints and clay imprints.

Each doll will come dressed in organic cotton Beyond Bea Clothing with hands and feet easily accessible as well as memory making prompts to support guidance in the creation of all of the above.

Dolls can be donated in memory to your chosen unit via direct donation - you will receive a certificate of donation and the donated doll will wear a band to signify this.

Please note: whilst we do our best to provide realistic training materials we appreciate we are currently unable to offer any other ethnicities than white Caucasian. We are working to change this and want to acknowledge that this is of high importance to us.