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Beyond Bea

Midwife Doll Personalised

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This item is in collaboration with MamAmor and delivery will be 8-12 weeks.

This Midwife Doll is an original 18 inches MamAmor doll, made in Canada.

This doll can be a wonderful gift for Midwives starting their careers, graduating, partnering with other Midwives, or/and celebrating themselves as Birth Workers.

This Midwife Doll comes with a Midwife tee/pants set, shoes, and a set of Midwife Accessories (fabric colors might vary) that include:

- Midwife doll size bag 

- Doll size Pinard

- Doll size Maternal Pad

- Doll size Measuring tape

- Doll size Mesh panties

- Doll size boob

- Doll size Mirror

- Doll size fabric scale sling (color might vary from picture)