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Beyond Bea

Pastel Blue Heart Birth Counter - UV Printed

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Easily track every birth in your Midwifery training and beyond with the convenient birth counter.
This birth counter holds up to 50 of our heart counters allowing you to count births through your training. Offering a way to see each heart when placed in the frame at all times.

Why choose ours?

Our birth counters ensures long-lasting results through UV printing, setting us apart from other companies that utilise vinyl, which may deteriorate or shift with time.

(Please note this item will take up to 10 days to dispatch all items in your order will be dispatched together).

What you will receive:

1 personalised birth counter frame, 1 stand, 40 acrylic heart counters, 2 stars for baby loss and a permanent marker pen

When selecting the colour writing for the front of the frame, please consider the background colour you have selected. Black text will show better on lighter backgrounds and white text will show better on darker backgrounds.

Each purchase of these birth counter is made by Beyond Bea  in collaboration with Lovely Crafty Gems