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Beyond Bea

Pregnancy After Loss / Rainbow Antenatal Stickers (x3 per set)

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We know how important it is to families for health professionals to read your notes carefully to understand your history and experience.

We hope these stickers will act as a way to encourage reading of notes, open up conversations and inform health professionals of how you wish to talk about your baby.

Each sticker contains images of rainbows (as a reference to pregnancy after loss being known as rainbow pregnancy) and forget me not flowers (as your baby will never be forgotten).

Each purchase will provide 3 stickers to yourself.

We have enabled you to be able to "pay what you want" to ensure this remains an accessible resource (Suggested donation £1 per set).

You may also wish to purchase the red book / information card and stickers.

We politely request that you only request one set per item unless notes added to order e.g multiple pregnancy

If wish to donate sets for a trust or provide these at your trust please see here.