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Beyond Bea

Rainbow Bloom Baby Pin

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Introducing the "Rainbow Bloom Enamel Pin" – a captivating and vibrant celebration of life!

This exquisite, 4.5cm tall, soft enamel pin showcases an intricate design of a baby in utero, tenderly clutching its cord, with a delicate swirling placenta and serene blue waters enveloping the precious little one.

The baby is nestled within a womb surrounded by a kaleidoscope of enchanting flowers, evoking the powerful symbol of a rainbow pregnancy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and featuring black dye plating & 2 clasps for secure fixing, this eye-catching pin is the perfect accessory to showcase your pride, honor a miracle, pay respect and rememberance or simply revel in the beauty of a new life.

In collaboration with Handmade by Hattie