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The Missing Chapter Resource - Educational Use (x1)

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This will provide you with a single copy of the Missing Chapter resource. This can be used to help you have greater understanding of bereavement care and choices that can be offered to families.

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The Missing Chapter (formerly The Alternative Birth Bag) is a written resource has been created to bridge the gap in terms of signposting, information and communication families receive when families are told that their baby has died during pregnancy or they have made the decision to have a termination for medical reason.

Families are often faced with lots of decisions and possibilities, however this is often at the time of birthing their baby and due to not being prepared it can be overwhelming.

We want families to go home in the time we often refer to as "the void" and feel more empowered about what is to come. Many families will go home (typically awaiting induction) having little idea of what to pack, what will happen next or what is normal to be feeling.

It is a written booklet that enables health professionals to easily signpost information to families and offers a gentle introduction to what is going to happen next, what they may want to do to prepare, what they may wish to pack and prepare them for how they may feel.

The booklet has been created by condensing feedback from bereaved families and health professionals to produce something that is more than "another leaflet".